About Us

Parallabs ART brochureparallabs is a specialist supplier of systems and consumables to IVF, Andrology, Transgenic, Cell Biology and Stem Cell laboratories.

We offer leading edge technologies from world class manufacturers to provide solutions that benefit research and increase efficiency and workflow in busy environments.

Download our ART brochure for our entire range of ART consumables and systems.  Email us at sales@parallabs.com


Brands We Offer Include

logo-fertilitech manufacturers of regenerative medicine, fertility and stem cell research instruments

Manufacturers of IVF Laboratory equipmentLabotect Parallabs

Brands include Fertilitech EmbryoScope™ Time-lapse system, Hamilton Thorne LYKOS, ZILOS, XYCLONE, IMSI, IVOS, Oosafe, Boomerang, Gynotec and CASA accessories.

News and Events

Scottish Human Reproductive & Embryology Group Conference – 21/22 March 2014

Parallabs will be sponsoring and exhibiting the EmbryoScope Time-lapse System at the SHREG conference at the Novotel, Edinburgh on 21/22 March 2014.

Fertility Information Day for Patients – 5th April 14, Edinburgh

Patients can find our more information on the EmbryoScope Time-lapse System at the Fertility Information Day organised by Infertility Network Scotland on Saturday 5th April, McDonald Hotel, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh.  Visit www.infertilitynetworkuk.com for more information

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