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parallabs is a specialist supplier of systems and consumables to IVF, Andrology, Transgenic, Cell Biology and Stem Cell laboratories.


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81905_HT-Logo-300-dpi-colorparallabs is the Hamilton Thorne partner for sales, support and service for EMA

News and Events

UCL Biopsy Workshop 14-15 Sept 2016

The programme will provide embryologists with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of embryo biopsy. As well as lectures, the course will include hands on practicals and demonstrations cleavage stage and blastocyst biopsy, tubing cells for molecular diagnosis, and spreading cells for FISH.

Introducing EmbryoScope+

We are very pleased to introduce EmbryoScope+. The new time-lapse system builds on the same foundation as the EmbryoScope, which has been used for more than 500 000 treatments world-wide, resulting in improved success rates

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