Hamilton Thorne

Clinical Lasers

zilos-tk-transpThe ZILOS-tk® is used for laser assisted hatching and embryo biopsy (blastomere and trophectoderm) for clinical human applications. lykos-tranpThe LYKOS™ laser with built-in RED-i represents the next generation of lasers from Hamilton Thorne.

Research Lasers

xyclone-2011-transpThe XYClone® and RED-i XYClone® laser systems are beneficial for Transgenic Animal Production, Stem Cell Research, Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer and Developmental Biology. XYRCOS-96-dpi-with-label-transp-lighterThe XYCROS newest research laser system for Stem Cell Research, Gene Targeting, Knock Out Mouse Production, SCNT, ICSI, IVF and Assisted Hatching stiletto-2011OOSIGHT Imaging System reveals critical structures in the Oocyte, improve grading, and enable new discoveries.

CASA Systems

IVOS II A sleek new look plus powerful features designed to take CASA into the future
CEROS II for cost effective sperm analysis
TOX-IVOS-II-System-Playback-screen-transp-small (1)
TOX IVOS II system for sperm analysis has been validated in reproductive toxicology laboratories around the world
MouseTraxx A sperm analysis system for the Transgenic Mouse Facility

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