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MiOXSYS: Male Infertility Oxidative System

Mioxsys_device-01The most accurate, easy to use, and fastest oxidative stress result available today.

Oxidative stress, a condition where the production of reactive oxygen species overwhelms anti-oxidant levels, has been considered as one of the major factors believed to be involved in idiopathic male infertility1.

Male Infertility Factor is the primary cause of infertility in 20-70% of the cases2. It is estimated that this condition affects 30 million globally2. Of this population, 25% of the male infertility cases are diagnosed as idiopathic and implicated due to oxidative stress3.

The most accurate, easy to use, and fastest oxidative stress result available today.

Identifying idiopathic cases of male infertility requires an accurate, easy to use test that is capable of measuring oxidative stress. MiOXSYS’s sORP measure is based upon the principle of Oxidation-Reduction Potential, which measures the giving and taking of electrons. Unlike other measures, sORP represents an integrated measure of oxidants and reductants, making it a more clinically meaningful measure.

  • In clinical validation studies MiOXSYS’ sORP measure correlated with the known factors of fertility, – Morphology: 96% Specificity 96% PPV – Motility: 86% Specificity 76% PPV
  • The MiOXSYS System enables laboratory efficiencies with stat capability, requiring less than 1 minute hands on time, and results in 3 minutes.

Having an accurate and fast oxidative stress test provides actionable information for clinicians to improve patient management and fertility outcomes. MiOXSYS provides efficient use of your resources in identifying, differentiating, and treating cases of male infertility attributed to oxidative stress.

Augment Your Laboratory’s Semen Analysis Profile

  1. Deliver same day results to your clinicians
  2. Immediately identify male infertility cases associated with high oxidative stress
  3. Implement management and treatment strategies early on


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