Our extensive product range . . .

low res embroEmbryoScope Time Lapse Embryo monitoring system.
g210_aaben_screenIncubators / Heating Systems – Labotect Incubators, K-SYSTEM Incubators and Warming Plates. l226_ivf_250IVF Workstations from K-SYSTEMS – 100, 200, 400 Series, G630 Work Chamber and Andrology Workstations.

Laser Systems – Clinical ZILOS-tk / LYKOS, Research XYClone / XYCROS / Stiletto.
TOX-IVOS-II-System-Playback-screen-transp-small (1)Sperm CASA Analysers – IVOS II, CEROS II, TOX-IVOS, MouseTraxx, IMSI, CASA accessories
IVF Consumables – Oosafe IVF Disinfectants, Plasticware, Denuding Pipettes, Embryo Transfer Catheters, Follicle Aspiration Needles, ICSI Pipettes

Cryotec products

Cryopreservation – Vitrification Kits, Accessories, LN2 Sterilisation

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