Boomerang Wireless Log/Alarm

Boomerang Wireless IVF Laboratory QC System

The control of the environment in the refrigerator, the freezer or the incubator is essential when culturing bacteria, storing blood plasma or such. An incorrect temperature could become very costly at the same time as valuable samples could be lost. Today it becomes more and more important to assure high quality in the laboratory.

The system monitors the necessary parameters in IVF Laboratories such as CO2 and temperature in CO2 incubators, temperature in LN2 storage tanks and freezers. It gives alarm if parameter value deviates out of predefined acceptance range or power failure occurs.

Boomerang is user friendly and easy to install. Different sensors are connected to special radio nodes and all data is transferred to the base system through these nodes. System has optional GSM module with Watchdog Software which sends SMS to end users when the parameter values are out of user defined acceptance range.

The system is developed according to GLP, GMP and FDA CFR21 Part 11, which is necessary for meeting quality assurance requirements such as traceability and safety.

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