Liquid Nitrogen Sterilization

Nterilizer LN2 Sterilizer

Every piece of equipment used in the IVF clinic is sterile, except Liquid Nitrogen. Several studies have shown that Liquid Nitrogen can easily become contaminated with microorganisms, which in turn can create a contamination risk to samples.

The NTERILIZER offers the straightforward and cost-effective sterilisation of liquid nitrogen in IVF laboratories. The NTERILIZER is light-weight and easy to operate. The method is based on determination of the minimum dose of UV radiation required to reliably destroy micro-organisms within a short time span.

UV sterilisation achieves total bacterial elimination and is a method which is already successfully employed in food production and in the treatment of drinking water and sewage.

NTERILIZER is a computer-controlled emitter of UV radiation: the amount of radiation dispensed is controlled by a computer on the basis of the amount of liquid nitrogen to be sterilised.

  • The method is based on emitting the minimum dose of UV radiation necessary to kill micro-organisms able to survive at the boiling point of liquid nitrogen, in a temperature-controlled regimen and within a short time interval.
  • The sterilization achieved is total.
  • The use of UV radiation to sterilize LN is new and patent applications have been filed in all major markets.

  • Designed for the sterilization of small quantities (3-5 L) LN for the vitrification procedure
  • Sterilization is controlled by application software and completes in 15 minutes.
Nterilizer Sterilization Bath SB001PRODUCT NAME Sterilizing Bath (Large)
UTILITY The Sterilizing Bath (Large) is designed for the vitrification of both large and small samples with sterile LN.
DIMENSIONS 350 x 400 x 400 mm
Sterilization Bath sb1002PRODUCT NAME Sterilizing Bath (Small)
UTILITY The Sterilizing Bath (Small) is designed for the vitrification of oocytes and embryos with sterile LN.
DIMENSIONS 205 x 345 x 300 mm

The products are designed for the implementation of the following protocols:

  • Sanification of dewars
  • Sterilization of LN in dewars
  • Sterilization of empty dewars
  • Sanification of canisters containing cryopreserved specimens
  • Preparation of sterile LN for use in Vitrification and other procedures
Nterilizer Neck PlugPRODUCT NAME Sterilizing Neck Plug
UTILITY For the sterilization of Liquid Nitrogen in dewars and other containers. Requires adaptor appropriate to each dewar. Product includes application for recording data related to each sterilization event.
DIMENSIONS 180 mm x H 200 mm WEIGHT 2.5 Kg

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