Cryoware Canes / Tags


Designed to make Embryolgists and Biologists routine cryo jobs easier, faster and safer.


Oosafe® Color Canes are designed for safely storing cryo vials and straws inside goblets (visotubes). Unlimited and unique ID combinations can be made for the stored samples together with different colors of goblets (visotubes) and printed tags.  This great feature helps to differentiate each patient’s samples in LN2 tanks and minimizes the risk of mix-up.  The whole range of canes is made of aluminum and it is safe to use for IVF and other cryo applications. There are different types of canes to be used with different  sizes of goblets (visotubes) and 1-2 ml cryo vials.


The whole range of color and printed/non-printed ID Tags is made of aluminum and it is safe to use for IVF and other cryo applications.  Our prints on tags are durable and permanent, unlike hand writing on plain tags with permanent cryo marker pens. This feature makes our tags the safest choice for storage inside LN2 tanks.  Our standard print on tags is numbers from 1 to 35 but customized prints on tags can also be realized. Please contact SparMED regarding the minimum purchase order required for customized prints on tags.


The unique transparent color design provides security during storage of cryo vials and goblets (visotubes) in the liquid nitrogen tank and visibility while handling.  The different colors feature allows the user to separate or group patients’ samples, as well as to allocate them faster inside LN2 tanks.  The slightly smaller diameter than of other existing sleeves on the market allows the use with both 12 mm and 13 mm diameter goblets (visotubes) inside cryo canes and take up less space inside LN2 tanks canisters.


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