Inline Gas Filters

Inline gas filters keep oocytes, embryos and sperm safe in gas supplied environments against contaminants such as Volatile Organic Compounds ( VOC’s ), Chemical Active Contaminants (CAC’s ), bacteria, odor, dust and harmful particles.

Gas  filter is used inline in between incubators, environmental chambers, holding devices and gas sources such as CO2, O2, N2, etc. in order to purify the incoming gas. Quality of the gas supplied into the chambers is so important for embryo growth since oocytes have no immune system. Any toxic compound may negatively affect the quality of the embryos.

Oosafe Inline Filters

Oosafe Inline Gas FilterKey Benefits

  • OOSAFE filter helps to purify incoming gases to incubators, environmental chambers or holding devices. It is needed since oocytes and embryos have no immune systems and quality of the supply gases is very important for embryo growing.
  • They are manufactured with pure filtering materials which allow them to be used with critical samples such as oocyte, embryo, sperm etc.
  • OOSAFE filter is used inline between gas supply and incubators, environmental chambers or holding devices
  • It is recommended the filters are changed every 3 months since the product guarantees trapping VOCs, CACs and particles in capsules for 3 months after opening sealed plastic package.
  • OOSAFE filters are CE marked and manufactured under strict rules for IVF use. It is recommended to use original attachments while installation to prevent gas leakage which may create serious problems.
  • OOSAFE filter keeps OOcytes, embryos and sperms SAFE in gas supplied environments. Studies show that air inside incubators contain six times more VOCs than outside air.
  • They are individually packed and served as four pieces in a cardboard box including Certificate of Conformity!
  • Download the Oosafe inline filter brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oosafe Filters

1. What is Inline filter?
Inline filter is composed of HEPA and ACTIVE CARBON filters which stays inline between gas supply ( CO2, O2, N2, mixed gas, etc. ) and incubator,holding device or environmental chamber to purify incoming gases.

2. Why should i use Inline filter?
Since oocytes and embryos have no immune systems and quality of the supply gases is very important for embryo growing, it is recommended to clean the incoming gases before in contact with oocytes, sperms and embryos for better pregnancy and implantation rates. Inline filter keeps incubators, environmental chambers and holding devices safe from harmful contaminants such as Volatile Organic Compounds ( VOCs) , Chemical Active Contaminants( CACs ), odor and particles coming from gases such as CO2, N2,O2,mixed gas,etc.

3. Are Oosafe Inline Filters manufactured in Clean Room Environment? CE marked?
Oosafe Inline Filters are CE marked and manufactured in clean room environment from purest materials and filters under strict rules. They are manufactured for IVF use.

4. Are Oosafe inline Filters sterile?
Oosafe inline filters are manufactured in clean room environment under strict rules for IVF use. They are guaranteed that they do not release any toxic compounds or bacterias. Filters can be sterilised by gamma radiation or even autoclaved before use since only purest non‐toxic materials are chosen in manufacturing which do not release any toxic compounds even when autoclaved. However, we do not sterile our filters since it is not necessary. If customers want sterile filters we can sterile by gamma ray or they can autoclave themselves before use. HOWEVER IT IS NOT NEEDED ! STERILISATION PROCESS JUST INCREASES UNIT PRICE BUT IT HAS NO CONTRIBUTION ON OOSAFE INLINE FILTER’S EFFECTIVENESS DUE TO ITS MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY!

5. I would like to change my Oosafe Inline Filter later than recommended time period such as in every four‐five months. Why should i change the filter in every three months? What happens if i don’t change?
Oosafe Inline Filter’s lifetime was calculated after some tests based on maximum average amount of gas flow passed through. Oosafe Inline Filter is guaranteed to trap the toxic compounds for three months inside. However, after three months depending on the passed through gas volume, trapped toxic compounds may be released to the environment. Keeping Oosafe Inline Filter inline the gas pipe longer than 3 months is not recommended ! In case filters can not be changed please remove and dispose ! It is recommended to use NO FILTER rather than keeping expired filter inline the gas pipe since trapped toxic compounds within the filter capsule may be released after expiry date !

Labotect Inline Gas Filters

labotect filtersAdvantages

  • Can be used with all cell culture incubators
  • For CO2, N2 and mixed gas (max. 21% O2)
  • Easy installation
  • Activated carbon filter with polyethylene layer for dust- and particle-free filtration
  • Nearly full removal of organic contaminants from gases


  • The filter unit includes an activated carbon filter
  • Due to the additional polyethylene layer the filtration of the gases occurs dust- and particle-free
  • Almost full removal of organic contaminants (Oil vapours, odorous substances, aromatic compounds, aldehydes, ketones, pyridines, furans, CHC, and others) from gases
  • Replacement of the filter unit is recommended every 3 months
  • For pressures up to 7 bar
  • For tubing 4×6 mms

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