Labotect Gas/Temp Analyser

InControl Gas and Temperature Controller

The Incontrol 1050 is an independent, handheld device for measuring CO2, O2 and temperature in Incubators. Its basic functions are to control, collect and document the process parameters. The unit consists of the measuring device itself, including tubings and connections, condensed trap, temperature sensor and case.

  • Accurate measuring of CO2, temperature and optional O2
  • Single or continuous measurement in arbitrary intervals
  • Measurement and documentation of multiple incubators
  • Documentation of measurements with date and time
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Data-Download via USB; PC-Software DataVISUAL`09 incl.
  • Powered by rechargeable Li-Ion battery or mains

The InControl comes with the following:

  • InControl 1050 inclusive Transport case
  • Mains adapter
  • Tubing, adapter and condensation trap
  • Software: DataVISUAL’09 (on USB-Stick)
  • USB data cab

To request more information from Parallabs on the InControl

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