Labotect Incubators

As incubation technique is one of the key competence areas of Labotect, their incubators have the benefit of perfect control of parameters by most modern technical solution. Successful incubation depends on maintaining favorable conditions for eggs. Four factors of major importance are temperature, humidity, ventilation, and turning. Commercial incubators are automated to control all of these factors.

CO2 Incubators

  • C16 Incubator – Small 16L compact incubator for cultivating biological samples in research and medical applications.
  • C60 Incubator – 60L volume capacity incubator with active sterile humidity
  • C200 Incubator – Provides a defined atmosphere in its interior with regard to the parameters of temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and optional O2 content.

Benchtop / Transport Incubators & Warming Plates

  • C-Top Benchtop Incubator – Benchtop incubator for up to date, individual cell cultivation.
  • Sample Hotplate – Benchtop incubator to maintain the temperature of biological materials from Labotect.
  • Hotplate 062 – Designed to maintain the temperature of biological materials
  • Hotplate 100 – Ideal for the lab and research

Measuring Devices

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