C201 CO2 Incubator

image descriptionLarge Volume CO2 Incubator

Your first choice for excellent cell cultivation with optional UV decontamination

Incubator with an inner volume of 200 liters

Advantages of Labo C201:

    • 7“ colour touch screen
    • UV decontamination (option)
    • Particle filter (P3) within airflow
    • Display of measured values for 2 h or 24 h (T, CO2, rH, O2)
    • Cable bushing (Access port)
    • Access control via numerical code (option)
    • RS485 or ethernet interface
    • Active sterile humidity:
      • External water reservoir
      • Relative humidity vaporized at 120 °C
      • Minimized risk of contamination
      • Humidity sensor
      • Very short recovery times
    • CO2-sensor:
      • Dual beam infrared sensor
      • Very precise measurement
      • Very short recovery times
      • Long-term stable
    • Direct heating:
      • Over-all heating of inner walls and door
      • Homogeneous temperature distribution in the interior
      • Very short recovery times
      • Optional:
        • O2-control
        • Subdivided inner glass door with 6 small doors
        • PC software LaboDat+
        • UV decontamination
        • Access control via numerical code

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