IVF Consumables

incubatorOosafe Laboratory Disinfectants range, MEA tested surface, floor, hand and flow cabinet cleaner for IVF labs. Oosafe PlasticwareOosafe IVF Plasticware – Top quality CE marked plasticware for IVF labs.
slider-denupet-01Denuding Pipettes are one of the most precise microtools for the manipulation and transfer of oocytes and embryos.
Capture3Embryo Transfer Catheter Set designed for safety and reliability. Labotect Puncture Needles ParallabsLabotect Aspiration / Puncture Needles have been specially developed for medical use in the field of assisted reproduction. Capture4ICSI Pipettes
Microinjection pipettes for in-vitro fertilization and manipulation of the ovum
slider-ovupic-01Follicle Aspiration Needles Sharp and precise needles help to guarantee painless follicle aspiration. scrub cap2Scrub Caps – Custom designed scrub caps specifically for the fertility industry.

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