Catheter Sets

Insemination Catheters

Labotect insemination catheters have a flexible, rounded tip with lateral openings for atraumatic insertion of the catheter.

  • Thin distal part with lateral opening
  • Conical middle section allows sealed cervix
  • Limited penetration depth
  • Medical Device Class Is. FDA 510(k) approved
  • Each batch is: – MEA and LAL tested , Validated gamma sterilisation (ISO 13485 certified)

insemination-cathersLabotect Embryo Transfer Catheters

Labotect sterile catheter sets consist of a pre-curved guiding catheter with a spherical end enabling smooth, atraumatic penetration even with difficult anatomic conditions. Using the slide ring, the penetration depth and direction can be adjusted. The metal reinforced inner catheter shaft allows simple and safe handling.

  • Luer-lock to connect to 1ml syringe
  • Three lengths: 150mm/190mm/230mm
  • Each batch is MEA and LAL tested
  • Validated gamma-sterilisation, double sterile packed
  • Medical device class Is and FDA 510(K) cleared
  • Manufacturer ISO 13485- certified



VITROMED Syringes for Embryo Transfer

V-TRANSIN are the preferred choice of clinicians and embryologists for embryo transfer. Embryo transfer is the final and most critical stage in assisted reproduction. Our years of experience in assisted reproductive market helped us to develop a special device, V-TRANSIN, for controlled embryo release.

Product features

  • Available as 1 mL syringe
  • Non-toxic, latex and rubber free
  • Unique silicone ring enables air tight and controlled transfer
  • Individually packed
  • EO Sterilized
  • MEA and LAL tested
Part Number Description
V-TRI-ET 1ml Syringes  (V-TRANSIN) – 100 pcs/case

HSO Catheter Set

Labotect Sterile disposable balloon catheter for intrauterine hysterosalpingo contrast sonography (HSO)

  • Used to find possible tubal occlusions and intrauterine abnormalities via ultrasound
  • Contrast agents – Microparticle suspensions / shaken physiological saline solution
  • ISO 13485 certified

Consists of:

  • HSO catheter
  • Side opening for contrast medium
  • Fixation and occlusion balloon
  • Disposable injection nozzle for contrast medium
  • Stylet
  • Stopcock
  • Filling syringe


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