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Bearb_NadelspitzenPuncture Needles and Sets

Labotect Aspiration Needles, also known as Puncture Needles, have been specially developed for medical use in the field of assisted reproduction. They are used for transvaginal ultrasound guided aspiration and flushing of Oocytes from ovarian follicles. The set of needles is sterile packed and meant for single use only.

As a specialist in products for Assisted Reproduction Technology Labotect strives to offer best quality products. All Puncture Sets and Needles undergo rigorous testing and validation right from the start when they are designed including biocompatibility testing conforming to ISO 10993. We do our most to ensure that only the best quality reaches you. Therefore, each batch is Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA) and Endotoxin Assay (LAL) tested and we guarantee sterility conforming to EN 550.All sets and needles conform to the highest regulatory standards, having achieved 510(k) approval from the FDA and are Class IIa listed according to the EU Medical.

Using Puncture Needles

  1. Do not use if the packing is damaged or shows signs of humidity or has crossed the expiry date. Remove outer packaging.
  2. The inner pouch and the protection should be removed shortly before use.
  3. Have patient prepared and ready for ultrasound controlled transvaginal puncture.
  4. Connect collection tube and pump. Have a syringe with flushing media ready for use. Flush the whole set with medium before use.
  5. Carry out the transvaginal puncture under ultra sound control.
  6. For the flushing action, remove collection tube from the plug and connect the prepared syringe to the plug at the Leur connection.
  7. The target organ can now be filled with flushing media under ultrasound control.
  8. Before aspirating again, remove syringe from plug and connect a new collection tube.

Download the Labotect Puncture Needle PDF Brochure here for full product information

puncture needles


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