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IVF Workstations

For Embryology and Andrology

Designed to meet your precise requirements, Parallabs offer Class I and Class II, single and double workstations that are built to order and customisable to suit the most complex of challenges such as tight
spaces and low ceilings.

Our workstations can be integrated with a wide range of equipment and instruments including electronic witnessing, to provide a safe, protected and optimal environment for gametes and embryos.

A Unique Collaboration of IVF and Containment Experts

Parallabs has partnered with a leading UK manufacturer to create a range of workstations for embryology and andrology laboratories. Our UK partner has considerable success in providing workstations to pharmaceutical and research customers and has applied this knowledge and expertise to design IVF specific cabinets.

Why our workstations

UK manufacturer

  • Based in the UK, we offer unrivalled aftersales service, technical support and customer service directly from the manufacturer.
  • Highest quality servicing performed by the containment experts themselves – the manufacturer’s engineers.
  • Lowest costs – with minimal local shipping costs and all spare parts manufactured by Walker Safety, we are able to pass these savings on to our customers for the most competitive prices.

Bespoke and customisable

  • We don’t provide out-of-the-box systems, we provide exact solutions to purpose-fit your lab.

Class I Workstations

Parallabs Class I Workstations provide ultimate protection for your gametes and embryos. The vertical laminar flow provides a steady stream of sterile Grade A air over the work surface, preventing external contamination.

Class II Workstations

When you need ultimate protection for both you and biological samples, our Class II workstations provide total safety. We offer a choice of re-circulating or exhaust type Class II workstations, both fitted with the highest efficiency air (HEPA) filtration systems.

Class III Workstations(Controlled Environment Isolators)

For temperature, gas, pH and air cleanliness control, Class III cabinets provide enhanced safety for the operator by means of barrier protection using gloves or gauntlets.

Workstation Key Features


Low noise fan < 65 (dB(A)
Ultra low energy consumption
Superior air cleanliness Meets ISO Class 4 cleanliness as per BS EN 14464-1 standards
Made to measure All our workstations can be customised to any height or width for the perfect fit in your laboratory.
Easly Integrable Other equipment such as incubators, microscopes, warming blocks, monitors.
Simple to use controls Illuminated function buttons for easy access.
Optional Features
Touchscreen control panel Rear mounted large screen for the clearest views.  Airflow, temperature and gas flow displayed as real-time information.
Gas Control CO2, N2 or premixed gas available. Twin or single gas controls can be supplied, flow rates displayed on the control panel
Heated Stage Integrated into the worksurface, the heated area is clearly defined offering uniform distribution and excellent temperature stability.

Optional Accessories

  • Externally mounted monitor/tablet bracket
  • Monitor mounted into the rear of the workspace
  • UV light with start delay and run timer
  • Sliding keyboard shelf
  • Coloured lights
  • Height adjustable support stand
  • Castors for support stands
  • Heated stage integrated below the worksurface
  • Gas controls both single and double
  • Electronic witnessing integration
  • Microscope integration
  • Anti-vibration area
  • Additional electrical sockets
  • USB and HDMI connections
  • Reduced height models
  • Strip down deliveries for difficult installations
  • VOC filters
  • Gas humidification


Remember, our workstations are bespoke and we can customise to any width or height to suit your lab space.

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