Stiletto Research Laser


Isolation of Cells of Interest, Ablation of Unwanted Cells and Precision Scoring of Cell Colonies

  • No longer do you need to spend tedious hours picking out cells manually.
  • Select multiple areas and Stiletto automatically ablates cells inside each designated zone.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your current workflow: no enzymes or extra preparation needed for your cell samples.
  • Ablates unwanted cells in seconds without harming valuable colonies
  • Cleanly cuts colonies with minimal or no damage, and without burning or cauterizing.
  • High speed separation of cells in colonies with an automated stage creates a uniform pattern or user-defined sections of size and shape for transplanting cells more easily into additional dishes or plates in the expansion phase of stem cell growth.
  • Cells are handled in a non-contact manner thus eliminating any contamination.
  • Precision technology that provides consistent results between different users

Stiletto Software

Laser Control

  • Multi-mode options with user-defined parameters
  • Manual or automated laser operation
  • Manual or automated X-Y stage movement
  • Adjustable laser pulse length: 100 µs – 3000 µs
  • Adjustable pulse/second
  • Adjustable maximum duration
  • Computer-controlled target alignment
  • Laser firing by Mouse or by optional Remote Fire Foot Switch

Ablation / Scoring Control

  • Freehand selection of target areas using mouse
  • Select multiple target areas
  • Laser application to perimeter of selected area (uniform or variable perimeter)
  • X-Y laser crosshatching for ablation or scoring
  • Minimum X-Y crosshatch width: 1 µm apart
  • Maximum X-Y crosshatch width: 10000 µm apart

Image Acquisition

  • Capture of static images (tif, bmp or jpg)
  • Manual and automatic image naming
  • Image zoom and pan
  • Manual and automatic image labeling
  • Graphic overlays
  • Measurement tool
  • Image thumbnail gallery

Video Acquisition

  • Used for capture and playback of real-time video (up to 1000 seconds) and time-lapse video (user defined capture interval and playback speed)

Stiletto Components

Stiletto Laser Module & Controller

STILETTO Laser Module: 20x Objective and Class 1, infrared wavelength, 300 mW Laser combined into a single compact turret mounted unit. The Stiletto laser module installs on all current and older models of inverted microscopes. The LWD 20x objective is specially designed and manufactured according to high quality HT specifications. It is constructed to have high transmission in the infrared, as well as in the visible.

Laser Controller: High speed micro controller with instantaneous closed loop laser power feedback control.

Motorized Stage with Plate Holder

  • X-Y motorized stage: [Prior Scientific, ProScan] Customized for make and model specific inverted microscope
  • Microtitre plate holder for motorized stage: [Prior H223RNC] 85x128mm, recessed, for well plates with chamfered corners. Compatible with most 6-, 24-, 96- and 384-well plates.

Color Digital Camera and C-Mount Adapter

Digital (USB 2.0) color camera (max resolution 1392 x 1040). All Stiletto systems also come with the appropriate c-mount adapter for your microscope.

Turret Adapters and Hex Key


A set of four turret adapters is included with each Stiletto. These adapters allow you install the Stiletto on any inverted microscope.

High Performance Computer System

Desktop computer including digital image capture board, all required cables, DVD-RW, mouse and keyboard. A 20 inch, flat screen monitor provides clear visualization of embryo and saves space on the workbench.

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