XYClone Research Laser

Laser System for Stem Cell Research, Gene Targeting, Knock Out Mouse Production, SCNT, ICSI, IVF and Assisted Hatching


An Invaluable Tool for the Researcher

The XYClone laser permits non-contact ablation of targeted membranes or structures. The XYClone laser module consists of a high power, Class 1, 1460 nm infrared laser integrated with a specially designed objective that functions in both visible and near infrared wavelengths. Compatible with most inverted microscopes, the XYClone laser attaches to the turret just like a typical objective and allows full use of all the microscopes standard features, such as fluorescence and Hoffman imaging. In addition, the laser is factory-aligned and locked in place to ensure safe ablation.

XYCLONE Components

Integrated Class I Laser (1460 nm, 300mW) and 40x or 20x Objective

XYClone 40xXYClone 20x

The XYClone laser-objective is a compact, portable unit that installs on all current and older models of inverted microscopes. The LWD 40x objective is specially designed and manufactured according to high quality HTR specifications. It is constructed to have high transmission in the infrared at l = 1460 NM, as well as in the visible. The XYClone system includes the laser-objective, laser controller and laser cable.

XYClone Laser controller

Turret Adapters and Hex Key

Turret adapters

A set of four turret adapters is included with each XYClone. These adapters allow you install the XYClone on any inverted microscope.

XYClone Laser Software

XYClone Software

Includes adjustable laser power and pulse settings and image capture (JPG, TIF, BMP) with manual and automatic filing naming abilities. See XYClone and XYRCOS Software for included features.

Color Camera and C-Mount Adapter

Watec Analog CameraDigital Camera

Choose between either an analog or digital (USB 2.0) color camera. All systems also come with the appropriate c-mount adapter for your microscope.

Footswitch for Hands-free Firing


When working with micromanipulators, the XYClone allows you to work in “hands-free” mode by using the optional foot switch to fire the laser. Simply use the manipulators to position the embryo to the target and press the foot switch to fire the laser. Your micromanipulation proceeds rapidly and the time the embryo spends on the microscope stage is minimized.

High Performance Computer System

The XYClone comes with your choice of a desktop or laptop computer.

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