Sperm Analyser Options

report with dataReport Designer
The Report Designer II allows customization of the pre-designed forms or creation of entirely new forms.
DWcategoryDimensions II Strict Morphology is the only VALIDATED, Automated, Strict Morphology Program that analyzes Sperm Head, Midpiece and Tail. MetrixZoom (1)Metrix Zoom Morphology program analyzes sperm of multiple species according to the user’s criteria. CASA-II-IVOS-Human-screen-overviewHuman Motility II features the unique color-coded Illumination Check to optimize identification of the sperm head and sperm tail.
IDENT II I Fluroescence provides high accuracy for sperm analysis in high detritus samples.
Viadent II allows use of the same MOTILE sample for counts, motility, and viability.
Rat Metrix Morphology combines fluorescent and standard illumination for analysis of difficult rat sperm shape.

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