Metrix Morphology

Metrix Morphology is an optional program that analyzes sperm as fast as you can capture images. Providing comprehensive head-to-tail analysis, Metrix is compatible with oval head sperm of species such as human, swine, bull, horse and rabbit. Metrix Morphology may be installed on any Version 10 or higher IVOS or CEROS. (See Rat Metrix for rat sperm morphology analysis.)

Trained to Think Like You

With its interactive review feature, Metrix adapts to your definitions of abnormal and normal sperm. To train Metrix to think like you:

1) Capture hundreds of sperm cells to obtain a large sample base


2) View captured cells images, zoom on image and classify as normal or abnormal


3) Metrix automatically calculates morphometrics based on your classifications. To finish, press “Learn Gates” to automatically transfer values calculated by Metrix into the Category Setup

Powerful Research Tool

Metrix Morphology

  • Actual sperm image and field stored with results
  • Re-analysis of saved studies
  • Detailed morphometric values for each individual sperm
  • Maintain individual species databases for trending and statistical analyses
  • Complete data output to ASCII file for transfer to network and other programs

QC & Validation

  • Password protection of setups
  • Reproducible analysis of stored images
  • Auto-illumination on IVOS
  • Audit trail to track edited results
  • Objective, standardized criteria


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