Sperm Processing

sidebar-slider-03MiOXSYS Strips:
Sensors for the MiOXSYS male infertility Oxidative System.

Sperm_Collection_Cup_QmylHTUOosafe Sperm Collection Cups and Tubes for sperm analysis. OOSAFE DISINFECTANTSOosafe Laboratory Disinfectants are MEA tested, specifically for the IVF environment. minitherm-02-sihlMiniTherm Stage Warmer: A low cost, portable stage warmer to maintain samples at 37°C during analysis.
halosperm_imageHalosperm® is an in vitro diagnostic kit that allows the measurement of sperm DNA fragmentation. Hamilton Thorne 2X-CEL Analysis Chamber Parallabs2X-CEL Analysis Chamber: Fixed depth, disposable analysis chambers, available in two depths 20 micronLeja Counting Chambers: Human, Porcine and other species counting chambers plus-bead-box-sihlAccu-beads+ Quality Control: Quality control product to confirm counting procedures for both CASA and manual counting method
IDENT stain kitIDENT Stain: Prepackaged stain for use with the IDENT Fluorescing system via-dent-tubeVIADENT Stain:
For determining viable sperm count, concentration, and percentage.


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