Accu-beads+ Quality Control

Original Sperm Count Quality Control

The accu-beads quality control system consists of two known concentrations of latex beads (18 and 35 M/ml) suspended in an aqueous solution. Similar in size to human sperm, the Accu-Beads+ have been developed to confirm accurate counting procedures used for routine semen analysis.

Whether you perform your semen counts manually or using an automated analyzer, you can use Accu-Beads+ for quality control.

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Evaluate Counting Procedures

For manual methods, the Accu-Beads+ are used to evaluate the actual counting procedures practiced. When used in an automated semen analyzer, the Accu-Beads+ test and evaluate the optical and image acquisition systems of the analyzer. Because motility is irrelevant for checking these functions, the static nature of the Accu-Beads+ will not affect the quality control testing.

Simple to Use

Using a pipette, simply draw the required amount (undiluted) and load your standard semen analysis chamber, such as a disposable slide or a Petroff-Hausser, Makler, or Hemacytometer chamber. Position the chamber on the stage of the microscope or analyzer and perform an analysis according to your normal procedure.

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