Leja Slides

Leja Disposable Counting Chambers

Leja is the world market leader in disposable semen analysis chambers. Their patented manufacturing process means their chamber depth is very constant allowing precise and accurate counting and the chamber height is guaranteed with a certificate of analysis. Leja offers a wide variety of disposable counting chambers that are mainly developed for semen analysis but can also be used to accurately assess concentrations of other (cell) suspensions. All products have been specially designed for different needs.

Product Range

Key Benefits of Leja Counting Chambers

Ease of use

Leja offers disposable counting chambers. Loading the chamber is easy and allows for a fast counting process. No washing of the chambers is required, thus Leja counting chambers save precious time. Also, constant washing of re-usable counting chambers may cause wear thus influencing results

Areas of expertise

Leja offers different counting chambers for the determination of concentration and motility. We also offer a specially designed chamber for the determination of azoospermia and a post-vasectomy count. These offer you the most accurate count possible.

Unique features

Leja slides are designed in such a way that even very viscous samples are easily loaded in the chamber. Due to this design, it is also possible to determine the correct viscosity of the sample simply by measuring the filling time of the chamber. This is a unique feature that only Leja can offer. The Leja slides are coated with a special coating that ensures air bubbles do not form when loading the chamber.

Use in CASA systems

If you already work with a CASA system, or are considering investing in one, Leja® slides can be used with most CASA systems and are recommended by the majority of CASA manufacturers includingHamilton thorne.

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