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Zoospermia & Post-Vasectomy

A number is not always what it seems to be. What is the confidence interval? How accurate and how precise is your counting method? The Leja 100 micron slide has two purposes. First, it can be used to determine azoospermia, and secondly it can be used to perform a post-vasectomy check. Accuracy is extremely important, this Leja slide gives you accuracy, precision, and speed!

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Determination of zoospermia

Statistically speaking it is impossible to assess a concentration of zero. Therefore it seems impossible to determine azoospermia, since by definition there are no sperms. Due to the large, fixed volume of the chamber, the Leja method for determining azoospermia is the most accurate and reliable method to determine azoospermia and very low sperm count (0- 20,000/ml). The Leja 100 micron slide is the best way of getting a statistical meaningful result combined with speed.

Post-vasectomy check

Following vasectomy the follow-up is extremely important. This is a joint effort by the patient, the surgeon and the laboratory that performs the semen analysis. The surgeon needs to inform the patient about all procedures. The patient needs to comply with these directions. The laboratory needs to give as much certainty as possible regarding the outcome of the procedure. Clinical research has shown that Leja 100 micron chambers offer the greatest accuracy. It has also been shown that centrifuging a sample and examining the pellet does not increase accuracy. Leja 100 micron chambers are designed specifically for post-vasectomy.

The Leja 100 micron chamber is more accurate than other manufactured chambers concerning the lowest level of detection and the lowest level of quantification (lowest limit of detection Makler: 100,000/ml. Leja: 40/ml; lowest limit of quantification Makler: 2,500,000/ml, Leja: 1,000/ml).

Reliable Post-vasectomy checks are very important. Besides the fact that the patient wants to be sure the operation was successful, the doctor needs to be sure of the results in order to avoid liability claims. The benefits of wroking with the Leja 100 micron slide are that you will save a lot of time. No spinning down is needed anymore, so no samples will be rejected to a high white blood cell count. The average number of analysis needed before clearance might go down up to a factor 2!

Leja suggest to follow a two-step protocol when performing a post-vasectomy check. First, assess the sample with a 20 micron slide. When motile or very many cells are seen, the sample can be rejected straight away since a vasectomy should yeald either zero or very little cells (depending on local guidelines) and definately no motile cells. When very little numbers of non-motile or even zero cells are seen, the same sample should be assessed in a 100 micron Leja chamber. After loading the chamber, the slide can be placed on a hot-plate for a few seconds and then the slide needs to rest for a few minutes so that the cells are allowed to sink to the bottom of the chamber. Now the assessment can be done and the most reliable result will be found. This two-step protocol is shown below

Leja post-vas 2 step protocol


SC-12-01-C: 10 micron 4 chambers human semen analysis
SC-10-01-04-B: 12 micron 2 chambers human semen analysis
SC-20-01-02-B: 20 micron 2 chambers human semen analysis
SC-20-01-04-B: 20 micron 4 chambers animal and high throughput human semen analysis
SC-20-01-08-B: 20 micron 8 chambers high throughput animal and human semen analysis
SC-100-01-02-A: 100 micron A 2 chambers determination azoospermia, post vasectomy check
SC-100-01-02-B: 100 micron B 2 chambers toxicology (e.g. rat sperm)

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