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Human Semen Analysis

Leja offers a wide range in disposable counting chambers for standard semen analysis. There are slides with 2 or 4 chambers and with chamber depths of 10 or 20 micron. The Leja slides have a standard low level of quantification which implies that even low sperm counts can be determined. The clinical implication of this is that you are well equipped to determine a threshold to choose between IUI, IVF, or ICSI for example. More and more laboratories worldwide are now using Leja slides which make it easier to compare your results with those of your colleagues. Leja slides are very easy to work with and allow a laboratory technician to quickly learn to perform an accurate count thus improving efficiency and quality.

Non-toxic – The Leja slide is made using non-toxic glue, ink and coating. Samples therefore remain viable and can be counted for up to 45 minutes after loading the chamber.

No bubbles – Due to the consistently accurate chamber depth and specially developed coating, no air bubbles will occur when the Leja slide is loaded with a sperm sample.

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Less diluting – Leja slides have a specially designed air vent that allows even viscose samples to spread evenly throughout the whole chamber.

Certificate of analysis – A certificate of analysis is available for each slide that leaves the LEJA company.

The Segre-Silberberg effect (SS-effect)

The Segre-Silberberg effect (SS-effect) is a physical phenomenon that occurs when particles in a solution are transported by capillary forces, like sperm cells in a counting chamber. this effect causes the sperm cells to mave faster than the filling front, hence causing an underestimation of the semen concentration. Together with Hamilton Thorne Biosciences, Leja has done extensive research to this effect. A simple solution was found. When the chambers have a laminar design (a straight line from chamber entrance to air-outlet, like Leja’s chambers which carry several design protections), this effect can be compensated. This is something that can only be done with the Leja chambers, whilst in other disposable counting chambers the effect is also occurring, but to an unknown level which can not be compensated.

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An additional benefit of this, is that the Leja 20 micron chambers make it excepionally easy to determine the viscosity of a semen sample. Up till now there were two ways to do this: either by pulling up some semen and judging it by the eye or by using a viscosimeter, which is a very elaborate process. Now you can accurately determine the viscosity by timing the filling time of the chamber.

Useful Tools


Leja offers starter-kits that come with all you need to start working with Leja slides within 10 minutes. A box specially designed for laboratories that have the wish to improve their quality levels, need CE-marked disposables, and want to save on time and money as well!

A much heard problem is that laboratory technicians would like a grid to be able to count accurately. Leja now offers two replacement eyepieces*. One of them has a build-in grid for easy counting.

The kit comes with all the following:

  • 6 boxes of Leja slides
  • 2 replacement eyepieces
  • a stopwatch
  • a stage micrometer for calibration
  • all the manuals you need to be able to start working with the Leja slides within 30 minutes!

Please ask you local distributor for prices and availability.

It is necessary to calibrate your microscope. Click here for more information, or click here for an on-line assistant.

* at present only eyepieces with an outer diameter of 23mm and 30mm are available, please contact Leja for information on other sizes. There are three different sizes of grids available:

Leja Human Standard Slides

SC-12-01-C: 10 micron 4 chambers human semen analysis
SC-10-01-04-B: 12 micron 2 chambers human semen analysis
SC-20-01-02-B: 20 micron 2 chambers human semen analysis
SC-20-01-04-B: 20 micron 4 chambers animal and high throughput human semen analysis
SC-20-01-08-B: 20 micron 8 chambers high throughput animal and human semen analysis
SC-100-01-02-A: 100 micron A 2 chambers determination azoospermia, post vasectomy check
SC-100-01-02-B: 100 micron B 2 chambers toxicology (e.g. rat sperm)

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