SpermMobil Activation Media

GM501 SpermMobil

GM501 SpermMobil is a HEPES-buffered reagent containing low bicarbonate. It is used for in-vitro examination of sperms of necrozoospermic ejaculates as well as of immotile sperms isolated from testicular tissue (TESE).


  • Theophylline solved in HEPES-buffered medium.
  • NaCl, KCl, KH2PO4, MgSO4.7H2O, NaHCO3, CaCl2.2H2O, D(+)-Glucose Anhydrous, Na-Lactate, Na-Pyruvate, EDTA, Alanyl-Glutamine, water, non-essential and essential Amino Acids, Phenolred, HEPES, Theophylline

Product specifications and quality control:

  • All raw materials are of highest available purity (European Pharmacopoeia and/or USP standard) if applicable.
  • A certificate of analysis is available for each batch upon request from our website with respective lot number.
  • The MSDS for GM501 SpermMobil is available upon request.
  • GM501 SpermMobil is manufactured and tested according to the following specifications:
pH (at 37°C) 7.20-7.60
Osmolality (mOsm/kg) 280-320
Sterility sterile – SAL 10-3 (Sterility Assurance Level)
Endotoxins (EU/ml) < 0.50
Sperm Survival test – survival after 45 minutes exposure of density selected spermatozoa to the test medium ≥ 80%

Ordering Information

Product description Product code Unit
GM501 SpermMobil 4 GM 501SMOBIL-5 5 ml
GM501 SpermMobil 4 GM 501SMOBIL-1 1 ml

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