EmbryoScope Accessories

EmbryoScope Associated Products and Accessories

Part Number Description and Model
Noblegen Nitrogen Generator
Intelligent Gas Generators – Compact and Quiet design, Purity 99.9995% – 98%, Auto-run facility, Energy saving mode, Outlet flow indicator (% flow).  Range of products available
Tubing for EmbryoScope and N2 Generators
96109-03 Tubing Pharma 80 1/4 x 3/8 (50 ft)
EL-001 Purpose designed trolley with heavy duty castors to hold two EmbryoScopes
CO2 and O2 Concentration Measurement
G100 CO2 0-20% and O2 0-100% Analyser complete with Calibration Kit
GEOTECH gas analysers specifically designed to monitor CO2 for the verification of incubators in research and pharmaceutical markets.
Kit includes: Hard Carry Case, Battery Charger, Sample Tube/Filters and Operating Manual.
Calibration Kit for G100-10G
CDA7.6 Cylinder 58 Litre Span Gas CO2 5%
GA4.7B-58 Cylinder 58 Litre Span Gas N2 100%
G1.1 Calibration Kit – Regulator, Tube and Connector
Temperature Measurement – 4610 Reusable Probe
4611 1mm General Purpose Flexible Probe
4610 Thermometer for use with 4610 Series Probes
Local UPS
SURT1000XLI APC Smart-UPS RT 1000VA 230V
Oosafe CO2 Incubator and Laminar Flow Cabinet Disinfectant
OODIH-1000 1L Spray Bottle – Refillable
OODIH-5000 5L Refill Bilk Container


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