EmbryoScope Support Material

In this section you can find support material for the EmbryoScope time-lapse system.


Download the EmbryoScope Brochure or view the ipaper online


Here you can find a list of technotes available for download. The technotes may Technote_Clinicalbenefits_Vitrolife_wtexthelp you in optimally utilising the features of EmbryoScope time-lapse system. Download technotes on subjects such as annotations, EmbryoSlide preparation and model building & support tools.

Embryo Development Movies

Here you can find different embryo development videos from the EmbryoScope time-lapse system. You can use them for reference, for educational purposes or embed them on your own website from our YouTube channel.

Optimal embryo development

Embryologists love to see beautiful embryo development. For example, an embryo developing to the blastocyst stage like this video shows:

But there are several embryo development events which may affect implantation potential. We have found some examples…

What your embryos do while you are sleeping

An embryo developing directly from one to 3 cells:

Shown to reduce implantation potential.

Read Rubio et al.’s study: “Limited implantation success of direct-cleaved human zygotes: a time-lapse study” which can also be found in our Research section

An embryo showing unusual division:

Shown to reduce implantation potential.

An embryo cleaving directly from 2 to 5 blastomeres:

Shown to reduce implantation potential.

An embryo showing trinucleation in both blastomeres:

Shown to reduce implantation potential.

An embryo which has a large fragment that looks like a blastomere:

Important to track blastomeres to correctly identify direct cleavages.

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