ES Server

ESserver-web3The ES server provides the storage and infrastructure hub to run various applications associated with the EmbryoScope time-lapse system.

ES server – Expand your possibilities

The server is designed to support a range of new applications including the EmbryoScope Counseling App. New features and applications will use the capabilities provided by the ES server – the main building block of your network.

The ES server is a powerful platform which enables access to your data. Time-lapse data can be stored on the ES server from all connected EmbryoScope time-lapse incubators and accessed from multiple EmbryoViewer workstations. Authorized users can even access the data stored on the server from another clinic or another remote location using a secure connection. This enables users to view, annotate and select embryos with geographical flexibility, thereby enhancing productivity.


 The main capabilities of the ES server are:

Flexible workflow

• Single database for analysis
• Connect from two or more EmbryoViewer® workstations
• Access from remote locations through a secure connection (min. 100mbit)

Multiple users can annotate simultaneously

Remote office features:

• View and review embryo development
• Embryo annotation
• Embryo selection
• Data export
• Video export

Typical storage capacity: 2500 treaments (upgradable)

Purpose Central unit which stores data and controls the data flow to and from the connected devices
Description The ES server allows users to update and view common data both within clinics and across two or more clinics or offices. Can be connected to a number of EmbryoScope incubators, computers with the EmbryoViewer software installed, and mobile solutions.
Application Dimensions: 17.5 x 47.52 x 36.82 cm / 6.9 x 18.7 x 14.5 in
Weight: 18.96 kg / 41.79 lbs
Input voltage: AC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz)
Capacity: Typically 2500 treaments (upgradable). Depends on image acquisition settings.Europe: CE-marked class I medical device

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