BabySentryPro is a fertility database management system, intended for ART clinical or laboratory data sharing and imagery. This system is designed to provide a fully integrated solution, easy to use and personalized. In other words, it is a central information facility, storing general patient identification details along with diagnostic listings, and all tests and procedures that are typically performed in IVF departments. Our approach advocates covering all bases because more than one professional is involved in the day to day operation of an ART clinic. A smooth workflow is guaranteed by interconnecting all ART clinical workstations. We cater to the admission office, the nurses, the lab and its embryology component, the doctor’s office, the ultrasound room, the counselors, referral labs, the national registry and all other supports.
Years of R&D and client feedback have yielded an appealing and user-friendly interface, backed by a robust IT design that answers to the IVF professional daily tasks. It takes more than just a few object-oriented techniques to design great software.

BabySentryPro originated from a pure “test tube baby” environment, and has now evolved into a complete clinic management tool with clients ranging from obstetrics and gynecology clinics to human genetic labs, andrology offices and fertility clinics. All workstations can now be securely called: ‘Paperless’. BabySentryPro has come to offer an unrivaled approach towards the introduction of computerized systems in ART. It is our understanding and appreciation of “what is needed” which makes us receptive to your concerns.

Additionally, BabySentryPro was the 1st to integrate imagery in a complete fertility management database system. It goes further by introducing its interface tools for maximum communication with third party systems. Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Lab Analyzers, Ultrasounds, Referral labs, Billing software are seamlessly connected.

Leading educational & medical institutions, from around the world, have now successfully adopted the system. Some examples are: Sydney IVF (Genea), Johns Hopkins Health System in Baltimore MD, McGill Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Stanford University in Palo Alto CA, just to name a few.

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