High accuracy and precision Leja chambers

Leja is a small company and was founded in 1985. The head of the IVF clinic of the Amsterdam University thought that semen analyses could be done better. He invented the concept behind the Leja slides. After a long period of testing, the first slides to be officially marketed were released in 2002. Since then, a lot of product development has been taken place. New slide designs were developed. Also, a physical occurrence was noted: the Segre-Silberberg effect. A special slide design was developed in order to compensate for this effect.

Leja slides and counting chambers are high quality disposable counting chambers especially made for semen analysis. Due to its characteristics, Leja slides will save time performing a semen analysis, as well as increase the level of accuracy and precision.

Leja invented a special technique that involves screen-printing; with a resin containing spacers. By doing this, a chamber consists of defined chamber depth. All slides are covered with a special coating to prevent air bubble formation and to prevent sticking of the semen to the chamber surface. Both resin and ink are non-toxic.

The Leja slides have an excellent low limit of quantification and can handle high sperm concentrations. There is a direct clinical impact: you will be very well equipped to determine the thresholds for the various modalities of Assisted Reproduction Technologies (waiting for natural conception, IUI, IVF or ICSI) and in the decision which treatment is optimal for a couple.

Because of high accuracy and precision of the Leja chambers, your results can be compared to other laboratories, which allows combining scientific data concerning the relationship between semen parameters (concentration, motility, viscosity) and fertility.

During the production process, there is a continuous quality control of the slides (chamber depth between defined limits, no air bubble formation during filling and not toxic for boar semen). A certificate of analysis is provided with all slides.

Visit the Leja website at www.leja.nl

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