logo-vitrolifeVitrolife AB (publ) has acquired Unisense FertiliTech A/S and is now the owner of the EmbryoScope® time-lapse system.

Unisense FertiliTech A/S was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of Unisense A/S, to develop technology to improve human embryo assessment in assisted reproduction. Initial research using bovine models led the way to collaborations with embryologists in Europe and North America to evaluate our technology for use with human embryos. Towards this end, an instrument incorporating a fully stable incubation environment with integrated time-lapse image acquisition and respiration was developed.

Unisense FertiliTech is currently focusing on the very promising area of morphokinetic embryo assessment, and has developed and manufactures the EmbryoScope® time-lapse system. The company is involved in numerous international collaborations, and strives to develop embryo assessment algorithms to improve embryo selection and workflow in the assisted reproduction laboratory.

The quality system at Unisense FertiliTech A/S conforms to the requirements in DS/EN ISO 13485:2012 for production, installation and servicing of IVF incubators and related accessories. Our goal is to promote knowledge building through extensive documentation and retrospective analysis. We are dedicated to providing technology to improve IVF treatment through quantification of embryo development patterns.

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